First and foremost I’m with the VPA (Veterans Party of America) and as such all parties are my party as a vet.

That being said if you assume that Donald John Trump is a moron because he speaks with an oddly unsophisticated and seemingly with an utterly inept vocabulary, in reality that moron quite possibly may be you. That’s the point. Most individuals with high intelligence speak very plainly and endeavor to refrain from being overly verbose. This is especially true when in big business. In the establishment of your brand you strive to connect with “all” audiences. This is key when your in the business of building something that is yours and crushing people that get in the way of doing just that. This is actually a great skill in business and it isn’t as easy as you may think to hone to negotiate and harness effectively. Case in point with fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Donald Trump doesn’t care about money and he has said that countless times. He is about the take down. His vision. His! Capital is just the mechanism to do it. To speak overly sophisticated when trying to reach people you fail. It also can appear condesending and it’s just not the way of doing long term sustainable business. This has shown true time and time again. This is the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire.

I have an IQ of 143. That in and of itself I am within the top ten percentage of the global population. Donald Trump on the other hand blows by me at around 160. That’s nearing genius levels.

In real estate, underestimation is the key to the hunt. The low bid balanced with a quality product. And in the hunt Donald reigns supreme. Don’t fool yourself.

The trumpster you have to understand is a master of networking. I can’t think of a single person in the entire world that networks better. He has talked about being president for decades with influential people such as Oprah Winfrey back in the 80’s.

He had a passion about just fulfilling america’s promise and where it could possibly go. She (like many, many others) loved the guy then and countless times said he should run. Now, not so much. Everybody hates a winner!

For the good and especially the bad. It’s all about leverage and a strong hand. He walks the talk!

Like Iron Mike Tyson here, if you have met him in the ring you are utterly destroyed if you get in his way to the belt. It’s just primal so don’t try to judge that.

However like in the mob if your “one of ours” he will take you with him to greatness and prosperity. He likes doing favors and right or wrong he finds that as an investment that he will or will not cash in on at a later date. He never, ever forgets a friend. Everyone thinks he is this apathetic duplicitous taskmaster that fires those that he finds unworthy of his level of greatness. This is just not true. That is all nonsense and those that know him are the first to defend against that assurtion. He is strictly business and nothing personal in the performance of said business and that can make him seem disagreeable to many. That “IS” the business world but ultimately that problem is yours not his and those that get that approuch. That’s what Washington doesn’t understand. Washington is completely about an emotional platform to effect the hearts and minds. People are tired of words not backed up with action. Trump is “all” action and could frankly not care less what you think about him. He just doesn’t care about any of that. He is the perfect equal opportunity shark. Why shouldn’t he be. He just doesn’t care because words don’t pay the bills and bills got to be paid. I think Americans are figuring that out finally.

Like any boss you need to do your job and as such he requires absolutely loyalty to his (as with any business women or man) product and your either with the program or you are not on payroll. No gray area here. If he has no use for you with the bottom line your gone plain and simple. Nothing personal, strictly business. He is the boss that you hate because you think he is this ego driven capitalist scumbag. Well, hello.

He is a billionaire remember after all and he didn’t get there by being a nice guy except when he chooses to be. Don’t elect him because he says he is going to do something to then when he does it by “ANY” means necessay detest him when he does it. This is the powerhouse that will tell you in a snap to clear your desk and call security so you don’t make a scene on your way out. Of course people hate that. Who wouldn’t but that’s just what separates the winner from the rest of the pitiful losers in the game of cash. That is how it goes in the working world of big money and clearly the same goes in his cabinet.

We have all done it to a certain degree to get a leg up in the workplace and in life in general as well. Don’t be a hypocrite here. So just because he does it vastly better then you could ever get away with what’s the issue you have with him exactly? That’s why people hate his guts, because unfortunately we have all worked for people like him at some point in our lives.

The guy while in the lunch room you bash on but when it’s time for that bonus check we are totally into him or her then. Is that really fair huh? Probably not. That’s just how it is in the big leagues and he is bringing/brought that to the Whitehouse. His success as well as his employees is everything to him because once again it’s about the bottomline. If you don’t make money, he doesn’t make money and he can’t have that now can he. He has a dream and that dream must be realized and if your not on board your fired period. If you get in his way your….well you know.

You got to understand that his “entire” approuch is to be underestimated. He loves it. He has been groomed and conditioned for the kill sense birth. He has absolutely no loyalties to those that don’t share his vision. Make no mistake he doesn’t care about parties nor politics because like the news media he manipulates them for his own ends just the same.

Like in WWII with the German Navy’s deadly effective wolf pack he came to Washington to search and destroy all. He is about the the BIG kill because that’s just how he is made. In that the bigger and more calculating the adversary the better payoff to his ego and bragging rights when he inevitable stomps them into the dirt! That’s just who he is and that’s why people on the downslope of the population identify with him. Do the work and you can pay the bills. Working class logic. That’s what we elected him to do. Duh!

In business and in life in general he wears you down and when your exhausted from trying to take him out like the “rope a dope” with Ali he takes you down to the canvas with ease on his own time clock. Man, he can take a serious beating if you haven’t noticed and not break a sweat while getting hammered blow after blow after blow. Stunning really!

But when your stone cold confident that you have the upper hand and exhausted punched out you put it in cruise control easy. “THAT’S” when he comes in for the kill and by then it’s you looking up at the ceiling. Your dazed, confused and saying what the **** just happened. He is standing over you doing his thing. Ali was a big talker too and like him Trump makes his punches count at the perfect time. It’s because this man always, ALWAYS keeps his eye on the prize. No matter what period!

Win or lose in November he has already won. Do you really think it will hurt his feelings if he loses? Yah, ok. You just don’t get it. Nobody usually does either until it is to late. Fact. He got there when others laughed at him. He utterly dismantled and manipulated the news media for his own designs while in the process coining the “fake news” moniker exposing them forever.

He destroyed and ruined the bulk of his opposition in Washington declaring them all windbags through pure grit and an eternal calm demeanor. He humiliated and took down fellow billionaire Micheal Bloomberg in the debates with ease and sass. His goal was to rule the world and make good on his promises and then some.

He did it. He can now go on to being the billionaire he already was again because he always donated his entire presidential salary to charity. His life and career he put on hold to run the country will once again resume going on now seeking bigger and better other seemingly impossible challeges. A second term is just extra credit for him, nothing more and nothing less. His mark on history is sealed and his world wide branding skyrocketed regardless. He is “now” the unequivocal undisputed superpower heavyweight businessman on the entire planet. Winner takes all!

Adore the guy or detest him he is a prize fighter of a caliber unseen of in Washington. Me, I’m just not voting national this time around. It’s all completely infected with money, curruption and pure godless evil. Besides voting is “clearly” irrelevant this time because Washington’s decision has been made years ago by everyone else but the voters.

Putting my vote in a mail box in front of my residence is utter absurdity because soon after my vote would disappear or be forgered. You kidding me? I just don’t care who is in Washington DC. I really don’t. I don’t care on an emotional nor personal level like many civilians today when it comes to what I do, how I pay my bills and how I vote. Just the facts and nobody getting between myself and the source of those facts.

In the career I had sensationalism, hearsay, purposeful distortion of the truth and complete fabricated falsehoods gets people dead. That’s the main reason “ALL” media normally is no place anywhere near us unless you are of the highest caliber and ethical standard. Not alot of that going around in the news media today unfortunately. Pity! “Tremendously” unfortunate accidents can happen to the embedded news media personal that can’t keep their mouth shut, do as they are told or don’t tell it like it is when talking about us. Yah, combat is a “tremendous ly” perilous place and dreadful things sometimes happen. Oops!

They have to be extremely and thoroughly vetted and in many cases sign iron clad NDA’s and if the terms are broken it is treason in most cases. Media for the most part has absolute zero credibility but if they receive press credentials and sponsorship your rainmaker has arrived. Your set for life.

Believe it or not a great many of these embedded correspondents are women. More then you would think too.

There is no different degrees or versions of the truth. Truth is truth. Facts are facts. Like Trump, “tremendous” results is big business because people counted on me too no matter if they liked me or not.

Most hated my guts too of course and that’s the job. Like Donald I got trash talked from a safe distance, behind a computer screen and my back turned to be stabbed as well but that’s just cowardice plain and simple.

Cowards frankly don’t matter to anybody but themselves, least of all men and women of action not words. However, like his “tremendous” checks my check is bringing your son or daughter home alive. I was a fine human being then now wasn’t I? Yupe.

The same as this president, that was “my” job too. Like me or not I got to get it done regardless of what you think of me because there is a bigger picture to consider even if you don’t comprehend what that picture is and means. Even as a veteran today I am still strictly business too in how I pay my bills. Just do the job elected to do and I’m perfectly fine.

Duty, honor and country. That’s the only “tremendous” emotional espression I show or care about in this country. Our president as a person, I’m not such a fan. However as my president and as a man of action. I have the highest respect for him. That’s the measure of a professional.

It’s rough having a very unpopular high profile job where people count on you to get it done regardless of how they feel about you. The expectations of doing it flawlessly day in and day out as a baseline is frustrating and completely exhausting. It’s not like you can give up and quit.

It doesn’t work that way when lives and what’s important to those you serve are in the balance. That is just the burden of leadership and what you signed up for however. But if you wanted the job, got the job blind hatred is unavoidable because everybody is a critic until they have that job for themselves.



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